What You Can Do Right Here at Home
Take a minute and explore all of the things there are to do within 30 miles of Ardmore. Lots of things you can take the family to in the evening after work or on the weekend. It’s all so close, there’s no excuse for not getting out and exploring!

From concerts at our many venues, stock car races at Ardmore’s Southern Oklahoma Speedway, hiking trails at Chickasaw National Park in Sulphur, golfing at Lakeview Golf Club in Ardmore, guided fishing expeditions on Lake Texoma, to one of our favorites, trail riding on horseback. You’ll experience the trail ride of a lifetime with the REAL ranch cowboys and cowgirls at Arbuckle Trail Rides. These trails are in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains with beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. These are guided rides for both the beginner and skilled riders age 6 and older.

Explore and Create New Memories
If you explored some of our area’s attractions when you were young, and you go back as an ‘older’ you, you’ll have a whole new experience because you’re at a different point in your life, and you see things from a different perspective. It’s fun to see these old favorites with kids and adults who are seeing them new for the first time. There’s truly something for everyone to enjoy!

As you explore our area, join us on Facebook and give everyone your tips for making these adventures the best they can be. Ardmore Within30 is not a place to critique these attractions, just a way for us locals to share tips to make our experiences memorable for our family and friends.

Make Sure Your Favorites are Included
The Ardmore Within30 Things to Do category features as complete and accurate a list of area attractions within 30 miles of Ardmore that we could create with our people verifying each, but we know things constantly change, and we need your help. Please take a look and make sure your favorites are listed. If they’re not, let us know…it’s the only way we can be complete and accurate! You can email us at support@ardmorewithin30, or you can find us on Facebook and tell us that way, too.

Get up.  Get Moving!

IT'S YOUR LIFE. Share your fun at local happenings!